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Kima from Girl Group “Total” Releases New Video “Luv Me Back”

Kima was born in New Brunswick, and raised in Plainfield New Jersey. The beautiful songstress grew up around music, and enjoyed singing in her church choir, but she never saw music as a career for herself until she was a teenager. In High School she met her friend, and former member of Total, Keisha, who heard her singing in a car, and asked if she wanted to start a girl group.

Total’s first manager Norman Bradley introduced Kima, and Keisha to Pam, and from there the successful group “Total” was formed. Total had sang for Sean “Puffy” Combs one night, then was signed to Puffy’s label, Bad Boy Records. Total then went on to debut on Biggie’s “Juicy”, “One More Chance”, and “Can’t You See” before launching their first solo project in 1996 titled “Total” which was certified platinum.

In 2016, Total reunited for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. “I thought it would be the beginning of Total getting back together but everyone was in a different place” Kima says. Kima is now concentrating on her first solo project, which features music she’s written and recorded over the years. “I have the confidence now to show the world who I am as a solo artist.” After doing several shows with Pam, Kima is busy working on her solo album. She also plans to release a docuseries and a book.

Kima has now released her first song “Luv Me Back”, and has also dropped the visuals for it. “Luv Me Back” tells the familiar story for every woman trying to find “Mr. Right”. The song explains the hurt of a woman who thought she found the perfect guy, but it turns out that her perfect relationship wasn’t so perfect at all. The song, and the visuals describe a very recognizable story for many, as everyone can relate to being in a relationship that wasn’t what it seemed.

Check out Kima’s debut video “Luv Me Back” available on all streaming outlets below!

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