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Indie Spotlight: Crime Releases Street Banger “Right Now”

Brownsville, Brooklyn, one of the most notorious meccas known for producing some of the most grittiest rappers, it has now been bestowed to you that “Crime” is up next.

In a time when music and the arts in schools are a luxury, Crime was fortunate enough to be exposed to music in school during his most formative years. This introduction led to his development in the art of rapping. Armed with musical knowledge and a local following, Crime did what most kids who were musically inclined, in neighborhoods across America did, he formed a group, and while he composed and performed mainly for fun, his professional path was clear.

Crime just released his first single “Right Now” produced by OT Beats. The single is an energetic street, club anthem. “Brooklyn Style” kicking in the door of the music industry with real music the streets can relate to. Crime is letting everybody know, “We can go to war, or we can get It right now,” meaning roll with him or get rolled over. He is real, about his business and here to stay.

Check out Crime’s new single “Right Now” available on all streaming platforms below!


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