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Indie Spotlight: Ty ThaGod Releases New Single “Runnning It Up”

“Runnning it up” by Ty ThaGod, is more than just a phase it’s a lifestyle for the ambitious people dedicated to the hustle. In life you have haters wishing on your downfall at every turn you make, especially when you’re doing something good and they notice it. People tend to have the crab in the bucket mentality when it comes to cheering on the one who’s winning. Society tells us that we as humans have to work to get what we want to obtain all that we are striving for. We as people have to hustle, put in work, be a boss, and execute every strategy in order to get to the bag.

Ty ThaGod represents for the underdogs with the state of mind dealing with adversity, the trials of living and going hard to fund a dream and make a living . In the words of Ty ThaGod he states  “When I made Running It Up I was in a good space where I was working three jobs trying to get ahead in life and bettering myself to fund my dream. I realize when you’re doing what you want to do, some people have a problem with that especially if you’re raking in hundreds not letting anybody get in your way of the grind. If you’re securing the bag and getting to it I respect and commend that because you running it up.”

No matter what you do in life it’s a ongoing cycle. It’s constant work this Tri-state artist. Ty ThaGod understands the position of what money can put you in and how much it takes to get where you want to go. From drug dealers, rappers, movie stars, bosses, 9 to 5 workers, teachers, bouncers, business men etc.  they all run it up because they all securing the bag. That’s what’s it’s all about.

Take a listen to “Running It Up” By Ty ThaGod below and check out his future projects dropping soon.

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