Eva Marcille of ‘RHOA’ Accused of “Lies And Abuse” By Ex Kevin McCall In Recent Tweet

Eva Marcille has been accused by ex Kevin McCall of “lies and abuse” stemming from the custody of their daughter Marley Rae who is 6-years-old.
Eva has been in and out of court with Kevin over custody for years. She accused Kevin of being abusive during their relationship and that he never paid child support according to The Blast.
Eva won the most recent custody battle last year when Kevin attempted to gain more custody. The judge dismissed the entire case after Eva reportedly claimed Kevin was dangerous and unfit to be around their daughter.
Kevin took to Twitter to broadcast his frustrations. The tweet reads, “No new music until I see my children. I cant choose the world over them. I’ll figure out music when I have visitation with police around to protect us from the lies and abuse the mothers have put us thru the past 6 years…I’ve won this fight with my oldest. I’ll win again. JESUS.”

During an episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Eva took the steps to legally change Marley Rae’s last name McCall to her husband’s last name Sterling. After the name change was finalized, McCall announced that he wanted to seek therapy with Eva and Marley Rae.
He said, “I feel therapy is needed for all 3 of us honestly.. we’ve let society entertainment and media exploit our family problems instead of being solution based. Your family is under attack next. Pray and praise God In the midst.”
Eva spoke out about Kevin’s alleged abuse in the past and has been handling his public emotional outbursts pretty well. She reportedly revealed that he abused her while she was pregnant which resulted in her leaving him.

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