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Maine Laveau Releases BLM Inspired Visual “Judas”

Maine Laveau was born and raised in Miami, FL with two brothers, three sisters, and his mother. Maine’s father, Jerry Lee Hawkins Sr., passed away late October 1995 when he was just 3-years-old. After being left fatherless with only his siblings and his peers to look to for direction in life, he began to find a path with music and entertainment.

Maine first started paying attention to Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Bryan “Baby” Williams, and J. Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records. Seeing how much these three guys knew about music, made him want to know more about music. Urban music was played in his household daily. Maine mostly listened to music with his older sister Taneka and his brother Jerry. He soon began to favor musical artists such as Trick Daddy, Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, Michael Jackson, Migos, Fabolous, and The Hot Boys. Being intrigued by these stars, he soon began to practicing what he saw on tv.

Maine is now fearless to his approach to the entertainment world which is why no other artist can redesign his sound. When he was asked what inspired him the most on his journey to becoming the great recording artist that he is today, he answered “himself.”

Maine’s new video “Judas” is a reflection of the Black Lives Matter movement. Check it out and follow Maine on Instagram @mainelaveau

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