The Esoteric Theater: A Creative Space For The Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights Communities In Brooklyn

The Esoteric Theater is a creative space located in-between the Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY. The owner of the space, Terrell Tuggle, prides himself on giving the community a place to share their creative works, as well as giving back to the community in the biggest way. 

Film, Art, Music, Fashion, Books and Chess takes center stage where residents can feel like their creative works are not overlooked, and in fact, are to be celebrated. 

The Esoteric Theater also offers a day of Chess on Sundays where residents can play chess together. This space is much needed to these small Brooklyn Communities, and for those that are regular visitors, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Terrell Tuggle is a creative himself. Owning The Esoteric Theater is very personal to him because he is a creative as well. Tuggle produces visuals and films through his film company FILMBARNBK, written numerous books through his publishing company TUGGLE PUBLISHING CO. that are sold exclusively at The Esoteric Theater and also creates highly regarded art pieces. This space means a lot to him as it also gives him a place to share his works to the community. 

Recently The Esoteric Theater featured Tuggle Aka “Artpeace” and Trulightfilms who is a resident artist, art pieces for ‘We Want All The Smoke An Art Exhibit’ this past November. 

Tuggle’s film company FILMBARNBK Co-sponsors The Brooklyn Chess Festival every year since 2014. It’s a time when the community can come together and play chess in the park which is a tradition for the black community. Tuggle also is producing a documentary titled ‘Do Or Die: A Bed-Stuy Chess Documentary’.

The Esoteric Shop offers space for creatives that wish to do pop up shops to feature their clothing, music, film, art, spoken word and more! Recently there was an artist showcase at the space as well as live music, along with clothing brand pop ups and album listening parties. 

For more information about The Esoteric Shop, feel free to visit the website

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