Chicago Company Helps Artists to Bust Music Industry Myths

Leading music education resource Artist Collective is ready to help musicians to navigate their way through industry scams and instead, take full control of their careers. The Chicago-based company led by Evan Price, Vinnie Hines, Leonard Patterson and digital marketing agent Willy Chill offers a four-pillared training system to help artists to navigate the real weight of playlists and playlist metrics as well as best practices to help monetize their audience. By replacing their courses with one on one coaching, they are able to help artists to identify and cultivate superfans by assisting them in running fully executed marketing campaigns, managing fan subscriptions and by developing easy content strategies so that they can become full-time creatives.

The old industry model of needing a record label in order to make it big is dying. Companies like Artist Collective know this and instead of feeding artists with narratives about how they won’t make it without a label backing them up, instead, they choose to empower musicians with the tools they need to stay strong, independent and knowledgeable about all sides of an unforgiving industry. Their number one goal is to deliver truthful, hard-hitting facts so that artists don’t fall victim to industry con artists who will try wasting their time on expensive playlists and online ads.

Learn more about how Artist Collective can help artists turn superfans into profit here.

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