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Jazmine Sullivan Says Cardi B And Lizzo Influenced Her To Be “Comfortable” With Herself In “Heaux Tales” EP

Jazmine Sullivan’s new EP, “Heaux Tales,” let her fans know that she is now fearless in singing about subjects that she never touched upon in her music catalog. When it comes to today’s music, notable pioneers such as Lil Kim, Trina and Foxy Brown paved the way for women to be unafraid to have sexually-based content in music. 

In the world of today’s music, most topics can be expressed, although artists may experience backlash depending on the subject matter. With artists like Lizzo being comfortable in her own skin and exuding high confidence along with Cardi B bound to say exactly what’s on her mind in music and outside of music, women in music no longer have to fear being themselves.

Jazmine Sullivan recently spoke about her new style of music and what made her feel comfortable in singing about lustful subjects such as sex and dating. She also shared that Lizzo and Cardi B made it easier for her to transition.

“Cardi B and Lizzo have definitely influenced me just to be comfortable with myself and put it all out there,” Sullivan reportedly stated to Insider. “That’s what I want for every woman. You open up a new level of just amazingness when you accept who you are, and you just don’t care what anybody has to say. That’s what they make me want to do. And that’s what I wanted to do with the project.”

The influence of Lizzo and Cardi B is felt especially in “Put It Down” and “Price Tags,” which Sullivan stated were the most direct singles on “Heaux Tales.”

“They are very forward and kind of taking charge and being like, ‘This is what it is. This is what I want. You better give it to me,'” she said about the two singles.

Now that Sullivan is further in her career, she wants to explore more adult themes in her music.

“As far as it being more sexy, I’m older now. Like when I first started, I was 21 years old. I’m 34 now,” she said. “Obviously what I’m going to say is going to change.”

“Sex is a thing and I want us to be comfortable. People, men, try to want us to portray ourselves a certain way. And what we want and what we desire, people don’t really care about. They don’t care about it. So, we have to stand in that and be like, ‘This is what I want, you better give it to me,'” she explained.

Stream ‘Heaux Tales’ below

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