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Gorilla Nems Known For “Bing Bong” Viral Video Performed An Epic Hip Hop Performance In Brooklyn

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Sunday, February 20, Gorilla Nems was the headliner for a special moment in time of epic, authentic New York Hip Hop performances. The sold out, jammed pack concert covered by Vice TV and more took place at Williamsburg’s Knitting Factory with performances from Rim, Eddie Kane, ATM & Six The Don along with other special guests. The night was hosted by The Heavy Hitters Radio Personality Pretty Lou and featured the sounds of DJ Fat Fingaz and Scram Jones

Gorilla Nems is no stranger to music as he has collaborated with Ghostface Killah, Sean Price, Kool G-Rap, Proof, D-12 and more. He is a true Hip Hop artist with a gift of moving the crowd and gaining fans of all ages.

Gorilla Nems is from Coney Island, NY and didn’t always have an easy life. Coney Island is known for its beach and a boardwalk that extends the length of the small Island to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, along with the world famous amusement park that has been a tourist attraction for many years. What is unknown about Coney Island is that it is not an easy place to make it out of with limited opportunities. 

Nems coined as the “Coney Island Mayor” is a hometown hero that has given hope to many that thought it wasn’t possible to be successful despite hardship and pain. Nems went viral after hosting a street interview for an online show called Side Talk NYC was a major success. 

Side Talk NYC is a show that features street interviews with NY natives. Nems’ catchphrase “Bing Bong” became a viral sensation late last year after it was said during the street interview in Coney Island that went viral. He released his single “Bing Bong” just months before the viral interview. 

Nems has been using the “Bing Bong” phrase for over a year and now it’s worldwide. The interview went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. It eventually made it to the White House with President Joe Biden and The Jonas Brothers reciting the epic lines from the original video. 

“His teenage fans recently created a new wave of attention by sharing Nems’ New York Knicks’ jingle “Bing Bong,” viral social media clips, and his latest album, CONGO. Additionally, due to his commitment to the Hip Hop and Rap community, Nems was brought on by Diddy and REVOLT to host its 3rd Season of their celebrity basketball tournament for a charitable cause, known as The Crew League.”

Gorilla Nems has a strong passion to assist and bring attention to the people in his community through his social media platforms. TJ is a homeless man that was interviewed in the video that went viral because of Joe Biden’s reference. Nems helped TJ in a big way as he helped the artist gain huge exposure. 

“As a result, a GoFundMe was created for TJ, which collected close to $40,000 dollars that helped him rent an apartment in the Bronx and get a head start at sobriety. Years later, Nems is still acquainted with others who he has helped throughout his career.”

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