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Wu-Tang Clan Launch 25 Year Celebration Of Wu-Tang Forever With Anniversary Collection & More

On June 3, 1997, Wu-Tang Clan unleashed their history-making Grammy® Award-nominated double-disc opus, Wu-Tang Forever, upon the unsuspecting masses and changed the face of hip-hop forever. 

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan’s Wu-Tang Forever, Get On Down and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, released an anniversary collection which includes the album with a lyric booklet, a silver colored 7-inch single of “Triumph” with “Heaterz” on the b-side in a picture sleeve, and a reissue of the double cassette in a slip case.

Continuing this onslaught, the group will also serve up a set of three digital EPs – Reunited – The Remixes, “It’s Yourz”, and “Triumph” – featuring previously out of print ‘Forever’ era remixes, edits, instrumentals and unarchived original single cover art.

Kickstarting the 25th Anniversary, Wu-Tang have shared the first episode in an upcoming series of newly-unearthed video interviews from 1997 conducted on the set of the iconic “Triumph” video shoot. They took a break from the 5 day shoot in 1997 to talk about their history, their lives, their inspiration, who they were listening to and what Triumph & the Wu-Tang meant to them. Tune in HERE.

Wu-Tang has always been on the cutting edge sonically and known to embrace new styles and sounds. This tradition continues with their first offering in the slowed+reverb arena. The Killer Bees join forces with remixer SLATER to present the slowed + reverb versions of “Protect Ya Neck”, “Uzi” (Pinky Ring), “Gravel Pit”and “Triumph”. Listen HERE.

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