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Canada Artist Zach Zoya Releases Incredible New EP ‘No Love Is Ever Wasted’

Canada artist Zach Zoya released his new EP titled No Love Is Ever Wasted. The Universal Canada signee also dropped the visual for the lead single today called “Upper Hand” featuring fellow Montréal songwriter and producer Soran and directed by Dan LeMoyne.

When we asked Zach what was the meaning behind No Love Is Ever Wasted, he shared with us:

“The concept behind it is basically, any love you give out in the world, whether it be investing in a love interest or  spending time, energy or resources into a hobby etc. Even if the relationship was to fail or if you were to give up the hobby, that energy you invested wasn’t for nothing.

I had this thing where I felt like if the result of a certain relationship wasn’t what I expected l, I felt like I wasted time or like It didnt give me nothing. but I don’t think that’s true anymore. I think any effort, anything you put out there is going to come back to you in some form or another. Whether it be lesson’s learned from a failed relationship or people you’ve met along the way, you learn from any and all experiences, good or bad.”

“Love freely and generously because love is NEVER wasted, if you don’t immediately reap the benefits, it just means your stacking up on good karma.” -Zach Zoya

Check out Zach Zoya’s new EP No Love Is Ever Wasted and visual “Upper Hand” below available now on all streaming platforms Here

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