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Rapper/Activist Vic Mensa Gives Away $10,000 in Free Gas for Chicago’s South Side

Vic Mensa, Rapper and Activist gave away $10,000 worth of free gas to 200 drivers in need in his hometown, Chicago, IL. It is no surprise that the high prices of gas across the country has impacted so many people.

Watch how emotional one woman got explaining she’d shown up at the gas station with only $5 to her name. The woman expressed that she didn’t know if it would be enough to get her granddaughter to work that day.


Vic says he feels good doing service for his community especially because e knows how hard it’s been to afford the rising gas prices. Many struggling Americans are still dealing with the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When it comes to starting a business, Vic is not a beginner. He recently launched Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis company, 93 Boyz. He passing out pre-roll joints to promote the upcoming brand.

In an effort to help bridge the wealth gap in the country, Vic hopes to give those from criminally affected inner cities, like Chicago, a chance to create wealth from weed and other cannabis products.

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