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City Girls Release New Banger “Twerk”

On November 9th, 2018 the City Girls released a new song called “Twerk”, and it has got all the females on instagram going crazy! The song is just as uncensored, and unapologetic as every other City Girls song. It’s a “booty-shaking banger” as people are calling it. It’s a hit all over the states in all of the clubs, but that’s not all.

The City Girls have announced that whoever makes the best twerking video to their new single, and tags them on instagram gets 25k! The ladies from all over have been sending in their videos on instagram to Miami who is holding it down while JT is away. City Girls are definitely letting everyone know that they are not playing anymore games, they are doing it big! Go listen to “Twerk” by City Girls now available on all music streaming outlets! 

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