Mama Jones is Back with Talk Show “Cheers Up” Filming in Harlem!

Nancy Jones, well known as “Mama Jones,” is a business woman, mentor, TV Personality and mother to famous rapper Jim Jones. She is Hip Hop’s first Reality TV Mom starring on the first and second seasons of Love & Hip Hop New York in 2012-2013.

She later starred in the spin-off reality tv series Chrissy & Mr. Jones, alongside her son Jim Jones & his long time fiancée Chrissy. She is one of the most memorable tv personalities of all time starring on many other reality shows and is well known as an all around entertainer and the life of the party.

Mama Jones will now be starring in a reality talk show called “Cheers Up” with her and 5 other cast mates including Sassy from Chrissy & Mr Jones. Cheers Up will combine everything from social media content, interactive entertainment & politics.

The show will take place in a bar-like setting located in Harlem at Nabe Restaurant & Lounge. Mama Jones will act as the bartender serving drinks alongside her Co-Hosts and will feature a Special Celebrity Guest every week with all news via social media. This show is most definitely going to be a hit! Make sure to catch “Cheers Up” on Mama Jones’ Instagram live and also by clicking here. Follow Mama Jones on Instagram @therealmamajones for updates.

Over the weekend, Mama Jones came out to support the Kr3ts Dance Company. The dance company held a breakdancing performance for the community in Harlem at the Aaron Davis Hall. Mama definitely showed she has some moves too. Check it out below and find out more about Kr3ts Dance Company by clicking here.

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