Fergie Baby Releases New Tape ‘Baby Sh*t’

Harlem Native Fergie Baby has proven time and time again that he is not the one to play with. Not only is Fergie Baby talented, but he is also young, Black and educated. Fergie Baby is a proud graduate from Penn State University, but his knowledge goes far past his degree.

Fergie Baby has been providing us with hits after hits. When he dropped Bleachers it hit over 100k streams. Fergie Baby was also featured on ‘It’s A 212 Thing’, a campaign launched by Power 105.1 ‘s Angie Martinez and AT&T that celebrates the talent of Harlem.

He released his mixtape ‘Are You Dum Volume 1’ in September of 2018 which put him on the map!  Sometimes stating an individual’s talent is not enough, which is why there is no denying Fergie Baby because he has the stats to prove. He recently dropped his mixtape ‘Baby Sh*t’ on July 29, 2019, and his name once again is buzzing through the streets.

There’s no denying his crazy flow. Fergie Baby always leaves his listeners wanting to hear more. Just like ‘Are You Dum’, this new mixtape ‘Baby Sh*t’ only consists of hits, so don’t be afraid to run it up!! Fergie Baby has blessed the streets once again SH*TTIN MEEEE!!!


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