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Malcom Drummer Sits Down To Discuss Reality TV, Music & More!

Malcom Drummer AKA Mackem Drummer sat down with us to discuss his Reality TV career along with his music career in Hip Hop. He gave us an inside look on the life of being on Reality TV and it’s effect on his every day life. Check out the interview below!

Royal: So you’re what we would call a TV personality? 

Malcom: I am

Royal: You started off on ‘Are You The One’?

Malcom: Yes Season 6 in New Orleans

Royal: Tell me about the experience?

Malcom: It was really like a blessing in disguise. Prior to me being on the show I’d never seen it. My sister signed me up behind my back, you know she’s a teenager so that’s like her thing. Like the drama reality TV shows. She took my photos behind my back and she just had like submit like three photos and a short little description of me. MTV called me like three days later and I thought it was just like a little joke so I hung up on them. They called back & they face-timed me, and we just went from there and I got casted. I made the cut out of a whole lot of people. 

Royal: What is something that no one knows about that experience? Maybe like a moment that happened that nobody knows about that you would like to share from that show.

Malcom: I was really looking like a player on Are You The One, you know? I was kind of looking like a bad guy. I was with like two women, and it kind of made it look like I was playing them back & forth and a lot of people don’t know that really wasn’t the case. Being on an MTV show or being on any Reality TV show they can always flip the script and edit and put like a scene here and there. You could’ve done something like week three and they can put it like the first thing you did when you first got in the house. They really made me look bad but I did not play those women like that. 

Royal: So the women have nothing against you?

Malcom: No we’re cool now. You know Reality TV shows might look like straight drama but we’re all family and we all get along and we’re all learning and maturing together. It’s a lot of things behind the scenes that you don’t see but it was just a fun experience and I’ll do it all over again. I’m on my 3rd show now so I’m just blessed. 

Royal: What’s ‘Ex on The Beach’ about?

Malcom: So basically they pick 8 reality TV stars, and I was one of them. They put us all in a mansion. This season was in Malibu, California. So we think it’s this getaway, and we’re all about to have fun, and turn up, then they sabotage us by throwing our ex’s in the house with us.

Royal: So you guys don’t know the title of the show or anything?

Malcom: We don’t know what’s going on, no title of the show or anything. They made it seem like we we were going on this new dating show for us you know like we’re ‘bout to turn up, new people, new relationships, and they just like washed our ex’s on the beach. So they come and live in the house with us and we’re forced to vote which ex stays in the house with us and which one goes home. It was fun and different. Me and my ex’s get along so you just have to keep it cool. 

Royal: Let’s talk about your music. Let’s talk about the song and video “Brag Now”, and your rapping career.

Malcom: So we are in Brooklyn, NY at the Hungry Humble Hooligan Headquarters you know it was a clothing line that me and my boys actually created and started. So what’s a better place to do it than New York? “Brag Now” just came from everybody who just used to laugh at me and try to put me down and judge me for being in the position that I was. I was working at The Cheesecake Factory but I still had my swag and everybody was just hating on me saying I should be doing this and I should be doing that but I was like man, it’s a plan it’s a process and it’s God’s plan. 

Royal: So you still had high confidence?

Malcom: I had high confidence the whole way. So “Brag Now” is just about everybody who was laughing at me then, tell them to laugh now because it’s a blessing that I’m on TV now, and I’m that free for the first time in my life. I’m doing well, I can take care of my mom, you know my sister I can get her anything she needs. 

Royal: So is anything else happening with you after this? What’s going on after the music video and your future in Reality TV? 

Malcom: I’m really going to try to step away from the dating reality shows, I really want my own show. You know like Love & Hip Hop, Wild N’ Out, I was in contact with them so I’m just going to keep pushing towards the entertainment industry. I just don’t want people to think like damn you know this dude can’t get a girl? He on his third dating show like why is he still having a hard time finding a woman you know so I just want to branch out of that and do something like towards my music more. You know I still want to do Reality TV and I’m an entertainer so that’s what I’m going to do, but a different aspect. More of my music, acting, comedy, and things like that. I really want to get on Wild N’ Out so I’m going to push for that more.

Royal: Is there going to be an album coming out?

Malcom: I have a few singles on iTunes right now. I have “Fashion Nova” and I have “Dolo”. “Fashion Nova” is really popping right now, you know the ladies love Fashion Nova, even Cardi B is doing the Fashion Nova thing. So I had to make one for the ladies. Other than that I’m working on my EP. I’m really taking my time with it. I don’t really drop a lot of music but I like to take my time with it because when I drop it, I drop it. I want it to be right. It’s my craft so I need it to come out perfect.

Royal: How can people purchase the music? 

Malcom: You can get it on Apple Music. The music is my passion. It’s kind of hard juggling TV and the music, but it’s so worth it. 

Check out Mackem Drummer’s latest visual “Brag Now” below!

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