Introducing Super Woman Author Iesha Huggins

Author Iesha Huggins, aka Lady Moet, is from the Bronx, NY. She is known for her ability to captivate her readers. Her childhood wasn’t every little girls dream. She was raised in a household with many of her cousins living in their grandmother’s house because her mother was unable to care for her due to unfortunate circumstances. However, Iesha’s mother was always there to provide her clothes and weekend visits.

Iesha’s Father was incarcerated when she was just one years-old. Her sister lived with her Mother. As Iesha got older, she didn’t have anyone to talk to so she started writing all her feelings on to paper and realized how much it would soothe her.

Growing up, Iesha didn’t try to fit in with her peers. She always did what she wanted to do at the time without any guidance. Unfortunately, she started walking down the wrong path. Iesha started having physical altercations with people that rubbed her the wrong way, sold drugs and hung out with the most popular guys. She became a gang member and her name circulated quickly. She was the slim girl from the block who made money from the streets, wore expensive clothes, and put any person that tried to disrespect her in their place.

Being incarcerated in a NYS facility for five years after catching a drug charge, the naturally gifted storyteller wrote her first book during her bid. After her release from prison in 2010, Iesha’s mother passed away and her oldest son got arrested and convicted of an attempted murder charge. She realized that it was imperative to change her lifestyle and show her children that it is possible to succeed. She cares for her Autistic 2-year-old son and has to manage multiple teachers coming in and out of their home to make sure her child gets the proper help, along with raising her teenage son while waiting for the release of her oldest son from Prison this summer.

Iesha is currently having difficulties raising her 16-year-old son since his father walked out of his life after finding out that their son was molested by his Father’s male friend. She has been in contact with detectives trying to get the friend of his Father arrested, with no help or assistance from the Father or other family members. Iesha‘s son is apart of the LGBTQ community and she loves him unconditionally.

There was also a devastating events that happened with Iesha’s oldest son. Someone Iesha holds very close to her heart was sleeping with her oldest son, allegedly at an early age. This traumatic experience forced him to grow up before his time. Even if he consented, it would still be considered rape. Although Iesha is going through these deep family issues with her children, she continues to remain positive.

The passionate writer doesn’t get days off because she works from her home. She did her first book signing in March of 2018 and it was a huge success. She strives hard on accomplishing her goals by any means necessary. Iesha’s husband works six days a week to make sure the household is well taken care of along with the children. Iesha’s Husband is her number one fan and continues to motivate and support her dreams.

Iesha chose the path of being an author because she had a gift of creating a story based off the vivid experiences of herself and those around her. Her style of writing can be compared to a freestyle rapper. She grabs her pen and rewrites stories based off of events that have already transpired. Her fans are deeply touched by the characters in her books and forms a strong connection with them. The people that relates to her books the most are scorned women and men that experienced controlling relationships with those who have betrayed them in the most hurtful way.

This Superwoman plans on changing the game by continuing to give her growing fans a lifetime of heartfelt stories. Her books “Do em Dirty” and “Do em Dirty” Part 2, “Hood Celebrity”, and Ramel’s Dream Farmland” are all available for purchase. In the future Iesha plans on turning her Adult books into films. She also wants to give back to her community.

Iesha huggins wrote a children’s book less than 60 days after the release of her third novel, “Hood Celebrity,” which is dedicated to her youngest son who has Autism. “Ramel’s Dream Farmland” is a book about her son Ramel wanting to care for animals on a farm. His mother and father would take him to ride horses as therapy. He began to love the horses and all the other farm animals. The owner was selling the farm due to his illness but his father worked hard everyday to by Ramel the farm.

Iesha released her children’s book on September 6th and planned to read the book to Ramel’s class. On his 3rd birthday which was his second day of school on September 10th, he was admitted into Montefiore Children’s Hospital. He became sick from a severe bacterial infection. He was intubated for the first 48 hours. When the tube was removed for 20 minutes, the hospital decided to intubate him again for 6 more days.

This was a traumatic experience for Iesha and her family. She felt like she was dying when she thought she was losing her son ain’t didn’t want to live without him. With her strong support system she was able to get through the nightmare and her baby boy was able to get through it.

While she stayed in the hospital for 10 days filled with fear and depression, she decided to write a book called “Ramel’s Visit To The Hospital” which landed a surprise part time job offer from a non-profit organization in the hospital. The opportunity is for Iesha to write books for children and parents who experience the same fear she did to help them also cope. Iesha and her son are now home and she is still in fear of her baby boy being around anyone that can make him sick again. This is why it’s so important for parents to vaccinate their kids.

See Iesha Huggins Adult Books full descriptions and links to purchase below:

“Do em Dirty”:

“This fiction book was created by my imagination, and it is not to be duplicated in any form. i want to introduce Chica as a scorned woman with multiple personalities, that leads a group of Women with similar circumstances trying to escape a world of dirty and grimey people.

Who will be the last one standing at the end when bodies start dropping? Who will be next is the question? Everywhere you go, there is someone plotting to “Do em Dirty”. No one is safe in the big city where there is no escape from karma. She will creep into your life so fast you will miss your own shadow. Beware, everyone and anyone will do you dirty, no one is exempt!”

“Do em Dirty” Part 2

“China weathers the storm after her target misses live and direct. Reyna finds out that Candy had not only staged her own death but is also responsible for Chica’s alleged murder. After two and a half years of having peace of mind, Candy loses everything that matters to her.

Low finds all the missing pieces to his son’s kidnapping, and he will not stop until everybody who had something to do with it pays. All the pieces of family secrets are revealed. Now each one has to decide which side they should be on.

Chica has found the man of her dreams and is about to have his child. Will the baby be enough to save her from her old ways? Chica has to choose her spouse and soon to be unborn baby over her sister once a life is taken in front of all the family. Hopefully these hard decisions they all have to make will benefit them in the end.”

“Hood Celebrity: Luv In The Hood”

“Shay, Sandy and Tonya are all sisters and blood couldn’t make them any thicker. Shay’s off to Atlanta for her Dream Job and her fairytale husband Dada who’s called the “Hood Celebrity” but she takes a major loss.

Shay decided despite his Drug dealings, killing, and violence ways, he still deserves some real support. Bringing her into his world and vowing on his life ‘til death do us part to never cause her any harm. But with his war against himself and the streets, could she hold down the spot they both wanted for so long?

Hood celebrity is raw, shocking and is a twisted tail in the hood. Can real love and loyalty really happen in the hood? There is always drama with love but will they be successful enough to make out?”

Do em Dirty Nook Digital Version

Do em Dirty Paperback

Do em Dirty Part 2 Paperback

Do em Dirty Part 2 Digital Kindle

Hood Celebrity: Love In The Hood Digital Kindle

Hood Celebrity: Love In The Hood Paperback 

Ramel’s Dream Farmland Paperback

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