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Watch Tru Zoe New Visual “Street La Relem Tz” Representing Haiti To The Fullest!

If you have ever wondered what it’s like growing up in South Florida, during a time when rap music is flourishing – Just ask International Rap Artist, “Tru Zoe” – Born in Port Aux Prince, Haiti and raised by his parents and extended family, it took more than a village to keep his adrenaline pumping. Moving to France at an early age and being influenced by the streets, it’s a no brainer that rap music would soon impact his young mind. Now, associating music as his number one passion shouldn’t surprise you. However, learning that his ability to survive in this cutthroat industry has still been met with a match of opposition may come as a shock.

Relocating to the United States can already be a challenge, when you are knee deep in your adolescence. At just 11 years old, Tru Zoe stepped foot into the Jungle that is Miami, Florida. Early life experiences forced him to be a Lion, to which he is very grateful. He never leaves home without a souvenir of protection, but the respect he has earned among many popular Haitian artists has granted him a pedestal of his own. Don’t get it wrong, being vetted by artists like Kodak Black and Jackboy is not an easy task, “Staying true to your character and being yourself is one of the most important things you can do in this game.” Whilst growing up, his family always supported his dream of pursuing music & even the teachers encouraged him to take his writing career seriously. The Miami culture was so easy to fall in love with – the music & the surroundings made it nearly impossible not to want more. The mainstream media has definitely kept their eyes on this Musical Entrepreneur, as his success is bound to accumulate.

Jumping in the booth 5 years ago, he reflects on a time while living in France. Loud music playing in a nearby restaurant & seeing people dance and sing along at the top of their lungs. From that moment, Tru Zoe knew that music was a journey he needed & could not ignore. When the time comes to plan the dates, he will definitely be making a stop in Paris to jump off his International tour. Mixing his understanding of both love & anger, the passion in Tru Zoe’s lyrics is clear as soon as you turn on the speaker. When exposed to fear over & over again, there tends to be less panic – So when writer’s block kicks in – a deep breath & a smoke break is all he needs to keep working. Listening to artists Like Tupac, Sean Paul & Nas are not only a childhood memory. He still listens to these moguls today, and when he finished recording his song “One, Two, Three” – He knew he was one step closer to achieving that same legendary status.

Not only the first person he tells when a new song is in the works, His manager also encourages his business endeavors outside of the music alone because having multiple streams of income is crucial to an artist’s success. Math being a strong subject in school definitely helped him to develop a solid growth strategy with his clothing brand. Investing in stocks and crypto currency also came as a natural instinct, since there is so much potential for profit. Always speaking on what is important – Tru Zoe doesn’t mind sharing the stage, Yet he prefers to handle the mic on his own. Although, networking with other music professionals has never been a challenge, because it’s easy to talk about something that you love. Tru Zoe has worked with big label artists in the past – Yet he still agrees that it’s better if he stays independent. There is opportunity to make more money, and investing in his music career is not something he is unfamiliar with. Follow Tru Zoe’s journey on Instagram here

Watch International artist Tru Zoe’s latest visual “Street La Relem Tz” rapping fully in creole with fancy cars, cash, beautiful women and jewels below!

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