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Royal Bey Media Interview: Khalil Roberts Sits Down To Discuss His New Movie ‘Fatally Flawless’

Khalil Roberts has created a lane for himself into the film industry with new movie Fatally Flawless. The #1 film on Tubi was made in partnership with Dame Dash Studios.

Roberts discussed his vision behind the film and the inspiration when creating it. It takes place in his hometown of Philadelphia during the late 90’s in an inner city school called Overbrook High School. Fatally Flawless is a gritty urban tale that zones in to that time of the street glorification of drugs, money, high fashion, power, and respect. 

The story is told through the lens of 3 female friends whom were seniors at the time. Their friendship gets tested due to handsome young male teens who could offer them a lifestyle that they couldn’t refuse. 

The film features cast members Charlie Baltimore, the late PNB Rock, Mark John Jeffries and more.

Check out the full interview below and make sure to watch Fatally Flawless on Tubi in the Urban section by clicking here.

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