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“Well-Wishing” for Julian Kerins to SYNC

Julian Kerins maintains his inertia in a major way with “Well-Wishing,” which is taken from his ten-song acoustic album “Coquetry,” due out soon. The song’s powerfully performed, deeply felt duet with YouTuber Rebecca Ray features ethereal acoustic guitar styles and seasoned voices.  I’m very much anticipating the project as a final product, and the visual aesthetics for “Well-Wishing”. Julian Kerins’ product has yet to waver despite a pretty breakneck pace, a hallmark sign of staying power despite to

Julian puts in the work by traveling regularly and playing with established acts, but he also understands that it’s integral to look beyond live performances when seeking a sustainable career as an artist. Thus, he has also focused on the SYNC side of things, working in tandem with talents like Marc Jackson and Mark Schoenfield on songs like “Silent Songbird”, “Tears Can Flood Roses” and a moving rendition of the Beatles’ “All My Love”.  Julian’s compositions and arrangements are immaculate, and they showcase his remarkable musical abilities, making them a perfect fit for the stage and screen. 

Be sure to keep up with Julian across social media and stream his work wherever you grab music

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