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The Business of Balling with Charles Turner-Cox

“Staying ready includes having laser red focus to know that even when the phone calls aren’t ringing you must still be in shape and mentally ready to go because any one workout could be the workout that lands you your opportunity.” Charles Turner-Cox has a philosophy on “staying ready” that can apply to most of life’s goals. His ability to keep one foot on the field and another in his educational and business ventures is a testament to Charles’ work ethic and headiness. 

The Bluefield University graduate is a standout both academically and on the gridiron, finishing his collegiate career with multiple degrees and certifications that are resulting in business opportunities for him in 2023. While Charles knows he can get that NFL call at any moment, training accordingly (with the help of TGX Performance), the Digital Harbor high school graduate is currently cross-pollinating his business ventures with athletics in yet another way, staffing security for Camden Yards for the hometown Baltimore Orioles this upcoming MLB Season. Keep up with Charles Turner-Cox on Instagram for inspiration and insight into well-rounded career pursuits. 

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